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The name Litinas gets its name from the Latio in Italy, where an ancestor of the family moved after the destruction of Troy during the Trojian Wars.

That is the reason he was named Latinos and later was named Litinus and Latinas.

The village of Amnatos has a very long history that starts from the Venetian period in Crete. The remains of this period is clearly shown throughout the village, even nowadays.

"Litinas Villa" were inspired not only from the history of the area, but also from the owner’s family history. The Venetian influences are clearly prominent throughout not only the compound itself, but also to the logo of the compound. The logo of the compound comes from the crest of the Litina Family. The Litinas Family were sent in 1182 A.D. from the Byzantium emperor Alexander B’ Komnino giving him responsibilities of a big region of Crete. It was given to educate and to strengthen the morality and religious believes that were ruined during the Arabian sovereignty.


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